Company Culture

D.P. Electric Inc. was founded on the principle of dependable people providing dependable performance. Our founder, Daniel Puente created the company with the vision of a workplace that appreciates all employees and focuses on the delivery of high quality, service-oriented work. 

Growing Smart

We started small and have grown gradually to ensure that we can always deliver a high quality product and service for all of our customers. As a result, we have established a successful resume of diverse projects and built solid client relationships based on trust.

Excellence in Performance

At D.P. Electric, we believe that our personal success and that of our company are interrelated. We focus our efforts on listening carefully to our customers and being thoroughly responsive to their needs, personal and professional integrity, and the expectation of excellence in performance and opportunity for all employees.


We believe an environment of inclusiveness and support fosters growth within the company and provides the momentum to be profitable and share our success with the people who make it happen. At D.P. Electric workplace inclusion recognizes the value in our cultural, race, gender, age, education and religious differences and supports unique perspectives for solutions that build our reputation for excellence. This ethic is built upon our values of fairness, mutual respect and cooperation.

Community Service

We are proud of our strong alliances with local communities; relationships that have been built by staff members volunteering time on various community service projects. The benefits of giving back to the community include

  • Life enrichment
  • Sharing your skills by helping others
  • Building friendships, relationships and networking opportunities
  • Team building
  • Community connectivity
  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence
"D.P. Electric isn’t a faceless corporation, nor is it one person. It is a company built on the skills, abilities and dedication of many people. Some of these key team members have grown with the company and their dedication and loyalty have helped shape the last two decades of growth for D.P. Electric "
Dan Puente, D.P. Electric