2014 Arizona Builders Alliance Graduation


D.P. Electric extends congratulations to employees Bryce D’ Angelico, Rick Emerson, Wade Ginther,   Ricardo Herrera, Luis Jimenez, and Cornelius Long for graduating from the Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) Electrical Apprenticeship Program on June 20th 2014. In addition, Wade Ginther was the first recipient of the “Ernie Bonham Outstanding Achievement Award” and the ABA 2013-14 Electrical Outstanding Apprentice Award.

Apprenticeship is an established industry based learning experience that combines technical training with on the job learning (OJL) to provide journey certification. The construction industry uses apprenticeship training to provide opportunities for employees to start at the ground level and work their way up, learning a skill while getting paid to do a job.

The ABA provides formal apprenticeship training in the electrical, carpentry, sheet metal, pipe fitting and plumbing trades registered with the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and the State of Arizona Apprenticeship Services.  Upon successful completion of the four year ABA program, apprentices are recognized at the journey-level in their trade and awarded Journeyman certificates.  

Check out DP Electric Facebook page for images of all graduates!

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