D.P. Electric Inc. Highlights Spring 2014 “Employees of the Quarter”

TEMPE (July 10, 2014) - For the first quarter of the year, D.P. Electric would like to spotlight Project Engineer Antonia DeAlejandro and Level 4 Apprentice Matt Rice as “Employees of the Quarter”. Both Antonia and Matt received their awards at our 2014 Spring Team Building Event for their distinguished work and commitment to excellence.


Antonia DeAlejandro, Project Engineer
Antonia has been with D.P. Electric for over three years and enjoys her work as project engineer because of the welcoming environment and employees, both in the field and office. Her most satisfying and rewarding experiences as an employee at D.P. Electric include being a part of the Mission Critical Team, being on site at Cyrus One and having the opportunity to learn the field side of project management as well as see the progression of projects from beginning to end.  

An Arizona native, Antonia got her start in the construction industry in 2006 working as a field technician for a geotechnical engineering company shortly after graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Engineering. Her construction experience and education is complemented by her seven years of experience in the electrical industry, making her a further asset in her position. . 

Antonia was acknowledged as an Employee of the Quarter because of her positive attitude in the office and the field as well as her willingness to lend a hand wherever she is needed. According to D.P. Electric management, Antonia “has proven to be an asset in the field for her mediation skills and is appreciated for her time commitment in the field when a job needs to be completed within a tight deadline.”


Matt Rice, Level 4 Apprentice
Recipient Matt Rice is approaching his third anniversary at D.P. Electric and is now a level 4 apprentice. Passionate about working on projects requiring a high level of dedication and commitment, Matt currently works as a part of the Mission Critical Division at D.P. Electric.  According to Ernie Bonham, D.P. Electric Field Operations and Safety Director Matt “soaks up knowledge like a sponge and is a committed team member on any assigned DP Electric project.”

Matt feels D.P. Electric aligns well with his career goals and appreciates that he knows everyone at D.P. and receives ample support from the D.P.  community to succeed in his position.  “Most D.P. employees are willing to take the time to really teach you the skills you need to be a successful electrician,” said Matt.  Matt’s outstanding achievements at D.P. Electric include winning the raffle TV at the last company team building event and qualifying for and participating in the ABA Apprentice Competition.

Prior to joining the team at D.P. Electric, Matt worked in customer service and retail for almost 11 years and started his own pool service company with his brother. Matt enjoys putting his entrepreneurial skills to work in his free time on weekends and during off hours during the week. Matt looks forward to finishing his apprenticeship and learning the necessary skills he needs to be a journeyman.