Sky Harbor International Airport Inline Explosive Detection Systems

Phoenix, Arizona

Project Description
D.P. Electric was selected by Turner Construction to accommodate explosive detection systems within baggage conveyor systems at Sky Harbor International Airport. This involved the reconfiguration and use of structural improvements to put the in-line explosive detection system in place.

D.P. Electric also helped with the distribution, lighting, motor control panels, new APS yard, and branch.

D.P. Electric worked on Terminal 2 explosive detection systems from July 2005 to May 2009 and performed so well on the project that Turner Construction selected D.P. Electric again for the Terminal 3 and 4 explosive detection systems. Terminal 3 and 4 explosive detection systems were installed from January 2009 to September 2011.

Size:  N/A
Owner: City of Phoenix
Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: DWL Architects & Planners, Inc.
Completion: September 2011
Attributes: Reconfigure existing structure to install in-line explosive detection system including distribution, lighting, panels and APS yard/branch.