Why DP

A trusted partner that is leading the industry.

With over 20 years of business in the commercial electrical construction business, D.P. Electric has created a loyal following with over 80% of our business with repeat customers. Our success lies in the continued quality of service we provide and our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Measurements of this success are evident in our safety record, our bonding capacity and the quality of projects we complete.

Safety First

At D.P. Electric, safety is our first order of business. We have a comprehensive safety program which has resulted in an EMR of .60. Company president, Dan Puente often says “Safety before profits.” D.P. Electric, Inc. does not tolerate short cuts or misconduct that may result in harm, either to a project or team member. Our Zero Tolerance Policy generates a business culture that takes safety very seriously. Over the years we have modified our safety programs from one person overseeing safety to a committee of field managers and field electricians to ensure safety is consciously at the forefront of all procedures.

Dependable People – Dependable Performance

D.P. Electric has a long-standing policy that quality begins with hiring qualified personnel. Our interviewing process involves a written pre-qualification exam to ensure that each and every Phoenix electrical contractor we hire is experienced in every facet of electrical wiring and safety per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the National Electrical Code Standards. We also require drug screening along with background checks through Crime-Shield prior to hiring. The company provides on-going apprenticeship, journeyman and foreman training to current employees that integrates safety and equipment training as well as in-house OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training, foreman development, and best practices classes. It is our goal to always have the most qualified employees working on all projects.

Leadership + Experience

Our field, project and operation managers play a critical role in building our track record of successful projects. Before promotion, managers advance through the electrical ranks, starting as an apprentice and progressing to a foreman when several notable projects have been completed. Employees are well trained in MS projects, estimating, BIM modeling, manloading, submittals, and current technologies prior to being considered for advancement. This combination of technical and field experience enables our managers to identify possible cost impacts that could delay the project and facilitates effective communications with employees and clients, which is key to completing projects on time and within budget.