Project Management

Building the right team for your project

When awarded a project, our first order of business is building the right operational team. By evaluating the expertise and experience that project managers and field managers bring to each project, we build a team that is tailored for the specific needs of your project. 

Collaboration + Communication in planning

At D.P. Electric, we understand that a successful project hinges on understanding your project goals and concerns and effective communication throughout the project. Once the core project team is identified, we work with the client throughout the planning process to identify:

  • Submittals and Construction Documents Discrepancies and issues (phasing, utility interfaces and long lead items)
  • The Project challenges and Construction Methods (Pre-Fab, Virtual Warehouse, Lean Construction, etc.)
  • Construction Schedules and Manloading Worksheets
  • Budget control guidelines and Project Procedures (quality control and quality assurance, layout and coordination including BIM and detailing, ranking, and safety issues)

Project Mobilization + Delivery

To reduce risk and provide for efficiency in project delivery, our project engineers use a complex management process that includes:

  • Tracking systems, submittal approval processes, budgets, change order logs, RFI logs, vendor shipping logs, and schedule slippage.
  • Weekly Project Reviews encompassing budget, schedules, manloading, safety and quality control.
  • Weekly site visits include project managers, safety directors and company leadership.
  • Operational Team Education, Training and Mentoring Program
  • Technology Integration Tools include use of ipads by field managers to record and communicate job activities
  • Safety and Best Practices Classes

Project Closeout

Finishing the project strong with properly completed project closeout entails:

  • Providing As-Built’s on the fly with plan grid by field management
  • OEM’s & Warranties
  • Owner Training