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Edgardo Valenzuela, BIM/VDC Manager

Overview of BIM/VDC

DP Electric’s BIM Department Collaborates with other trades and the general contractor early in the design phase to help minimize the clash points and create a clear blueprint for the field to work off of. DP Electric has extensive experience in utilizing BIM 360 Design to keep documents up-to-date with all trades and uses best practices in maintaining the most current files in the cloud. Our team utilizes the latest Trimble technology to help make the installation process run as smoothly as possible.

Our Revit model is utilized by our in-house prefabrication department to identify the most cost-efficient opportunities for duplicatable assemblies. Prefabrication opportunities include layout design for feeders, branch, racks, special systems, and rough-in. Prefabrication can also be utilized for items in controlled environments that lead to more efficient work, included large conduit bends to save field labor and the movement of large equipment and tools on and off projects. The final model improves the general contractor’s understanding of what is being built, as this process happens before construction.

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