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DP Electric is a team driven organization focused on professional growth and quality of life. DPE supports our team by providing internal and external educational opportunities for employees at every level in the organization. DP Electric believes in quality of life focused on work/life balance.
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Why We Are Different


Earn what you are worth.


DPE promoted 15% of the team in 2017 and 2016 and 16% in 2018.


Paid time off, retirement, medical, dental and vision. DPE offers a variety of benefit options including a plan with zero premium!


Continuing education for professional growth.


Work hard, play hard. DPE rewards employees to say thank you!


Give, win, repeat. DP Electric believes in giving back to the community through rotating volunteering opportunities.

Know Your Path

Apprentice Electrician

Apprentice Electricians are new to the trade and hungry to learn and grow! From material handling to assisting Journeymen, an Apprentice can expect to experience new and exciting challenges each and every day. With DP Electric’s highly specialized work experience, employees can expect to gain knowledge unlike anywhere else.

• Newer to the trade (typically 1-4 years of experience)
• Hungry to learn new skills
• Open to feedback and training
• Understand importance of work quality

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Journeyman Electrician

Journeymen are seasoned electricians with 4+ years of experience in the commercial electrical trade. Whether its terminations or running conduit with a team, Journeymen are knowledgeable and uncompromising with quality. DPE Journeyman Electricians are known for their exceptional work standards and their ability to mentor Apprentice Electricians.

• Experienced and knowledgeable in NEC and NFPA standards
• Able to work well independently and/or with a team
• Believe in mentorship.
• Have uncompromising standards with their work

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Field Management

Great leaders are forged, not born. Whether it’s Foreman or General Foreman, DP Electric’s field managers are revered for their specialized knowledge, leadership and uncompromising standards. They are known for their ability to successfully rally their team around the vision of dependable people, dependable performance while maintaining project timeline and budget.

Field Managers:
• Experienced and knowledgeable in NEC and NFPA standards
• Have a proven track record of successful projects
• Able to motivate a diverse team around a common goal
• Believe in empowerment of a team to accomplish work successfully

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DP Electric Corporate

DPE offers a diverse range of opportunities for those at all stages of their career. Whether it’s project management, accounting, marketing or human resources; DP Electric believes in creating an environment where employees are empowered to create their best quality work. DPE believes a team that grows together, stays together.

• Continuing education opportunities both internally and through external
professional organizations
• Ability to work in an environment where one is able to see their impact on the
• Exposure to a collaborative culture focused on interdisciplinary knowledge
• Have fun while advancing your career. Work hard and play hard is the DPE mantra!
• Competitive pay and benefits

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