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DP Electric Awarded Top Workplaces Arizona 2024

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A group of construction workers in safety vests and helmets stands together outside. A sign in the middle reads "Top Workplaces Arizona 2024" by azcentral, celebrating DP Electric's achievement.

DP Electric Awarded Top Workplaces Arizona 2024

DP Electric is excited to announce that we have secured 7th at the 2024 Top Workplaces Arizona awards! Top Workplaces celebrates companies nationally who have prioritized a “people-centered” culture, as determined by feedback from the employees of participating companies. DP Electric’s President, Danielle Puente was also awarded the Large Company Leadership Award. At DP Electric,

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A construction worker in a neon safety vest and helmet, holding a surveying instrument on a tripod, stands at a large, cleared site with buildings and trees in the background. DP Electric ensures proper prevention measures are in place to combat heat illness on such demanding projects.

DP Electric’s Approach to Preventing Heat Illness

At DP Electric, the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. As we get further into the summer months, temperatures continue to rise, creating more risks for heat related illnesses. Recognizing the risks that come along with the heat is the first step to preventing illnesses this summer.  By addressing these risks,

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Krystal Carraway, elegantly dressed in a black dress, stands outdoors near a building and large shrubs on a sunny day, representing her team at DP Electric.

DP Electric Welcomes Krystal Carraway to our Team

DP Electric is excited to announce the addition of Krystal Carraway as the Director of Business Development to our team. Krystal brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, with over 5 years of experience in the Electrical Industry and a proven track record in formulating effective sales strategies. In this role, Krystal will be

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A group of 13 people standing in a room with a photo collage on the wall behind them. Some individuals, donning hats, appear to be casually dressed. The gathering seems to celebrate DP Electric's commitment to safety standards.

DP Electric Further Enhances Safety Standards

DP Electric’s Safety Team continues to grow as we further enhance safety standards! DP Electric is proud to announce the expansion of its safety team, totaling 15 full time employees! As the company continues to grow, expanding and enhancing the safety standards was the top priority. Safety is the responsibility of all DPE employees, not

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A group of construction workers posing for a photo, proudly displaying their career path in the construction industry with the words "We own it.

DP Electric Achieves 100% Employee Ownership

In 2021, Dan Puente, Founder and CEO of DP Electric, took a decisive step towards employee ownership by forming a partial Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), with 30% of the company owned by its employees. Now, the completion of this transition to 100% employee ownership is a testament to DP Electric’s commitment to its employees

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Mike Sulcer, a construction worker, discussing the construction career path with a colleague in front of a truck.

Mike Sulcer | Construction Career Path

Mike Sulcer’s journey through the construction industry is a testament to his dedication and  passion for the field. His career began in the spring of 1999, right after he graduated from high school in Michigan. Mike’s decision to dive headfirst into the construction industry was fueled by the opportunities, diverse locations, and the challenges it

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Jon Potts and another man sitting in front of two monitors discussing the Construction Career Path.

Jon Potts | Construction Career Path

Jon Potts’ career in construction is a testament to his passion, determination, and adaptability. His journey began during his high school summers, working for a family friend as an electrician in residential and custom home construction.  After a few years, he decided to pursue the apprenticeship program at the ABA, where he interviewed with companies

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A group of people posing for a picture with an award as DP Electric Announced Most Admired Company for 2023.

DP Electric Announced Most Admired Company for 2023

DP Electric is proud to share that we have been acknowledged as a Most Admired Company for 2023. This recognition is a testament of our unwavering commitment to workplace culture, innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. DP Electric values each project as an opportunity to build lasting partnerships and surpass our customers’ expectations. We believe that

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