Our Mission

DP Electric empowers our people to grow personally and professionally to create an exceptional experience for our team, our partners and our community.



Effective January 1, 2021, DP Electric is excited to announce the formation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This is an additional benefit to reward long-term employees and strengthen an already award-winning culture.

Core Values


“A dependable partner is one you turn to when value and project success is imperative.”

-Joe Clark
Vice President of Operations


“At DP Electric, you have the opportunity to choose your path. DPE provides training and education for professional advancement. The company is full of teammates who root for your success in all endeavors.”

-Sal Martinez
Assistant Project Manager


“Raising the standard means exceeding values across all aspects of the electrical industry; constantly striving to surpass ourselves in quality of work. A mindset of excellence forges the way to become trailblazer.”

-Mike Sulcer
Field Operations Manager


“Giving back means working hard for the company and community. For more than 20 years, I have worked for DP Electric. In this time, I have been rewarded for my service and have enjoyed participating in many activities to give back to the local community.”

-Mike Brown
General Foreman


“There is a positive energy that flows through everything we do at DP Electric; from projects and meetings to a simple passing smile.”

-Christina Fernandez
Human Resources Manager


“DP Electric has supported me to grow beyond my original vision of a career. The supportive company culture has created a fulfilling and challenging environment for me to continue as part of the DPE team for more than 20+ years.”

-Albert Kachekian
Chief Estimator


DP Electric is a team driven organization focused on professional growth, education and quality of life. People are the foundation we are built on.
DPE believes in investing in our team by providing internal and external education opportunities for employees at all levels in the organization.
DP Electric believes in quality of life focused on support and work/life balance. Employees are consistently empowered so they can enjoy a balanced work life.
The growth of our people is the growth of the company.

People Are DP Electric's Greatest Asset

Dan Puente


Joe Clark

Vice President of Operations

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Vice President of Pre-Construction

Jim Hughes

Jim Hughes

Purchasing Manager

Christina Fernandez

Christina Fernandez

Director of Human Resources

Edgardo Valenzuela

Edgardo Valenzuela

BIM/VDC Manager

Mike Sulcer

Mike Sulcer

Director of Field Operations

Kevin Lopez

Safety Manager

Chris Bell

Service Department Manager

Albert Kachekian

Albert Kachekian

Chief Estimator

Jay Baiel


Scot Rager

Scot Rager

Education Manager

Bruce Meyers

Project Executive

Dan Overholt

Senior Project Manager

Claude Tremblay

Senior Project Manager

Mike Spychala

Senior Project Manager

Bill Vass

Senior Service Project Manager

Ben Nelson

Marketing Manager


Safety First

Safety First

At DP Electric, safety is more than a routine, it is embedded within the culture of the company. The Zero Tolerance Safety Policy is the basis for why the company is recognized for having some of the safest working conditions in the industry.

Best Practices in Safety

Best Practices

DP Electric’s Safety Manager is responsible for risk management, training and enforcement of all policies to ensure a safe work environment is maintained. All DP Electric Field Managers are OSHA 30 certified, first aid and CPR trained. Journeyman and Apprentices are OSHA 10 certified, first aid and CPR trained.

.62 EMR Safety Rating

The Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of a company reflects the safety record. A rating of 1.0 or lower is considered excellent and qualifies a contractor to work for owners who select only safe contractors. DP Electric is proud to maintain an EMR of less than 1.0. The current EMR is .62. DP Electric is consistently educating our team to comply with all safety regulations so that the EMR rating stays as low as possible.