Scot Rager

Scot Rager, STSC, Educational Manager

As education manager at DP Electric, Scot is responsible for training and educating all field employees to ensure they can complete work per the NEC, NFPA 70e and all local and state codes. He is also in charge of the creation and design of electrical courses based on field needs as measured through quantitative data generated through performance reviews.

Scot has more than 21 years construction industry experience and is the dean of DPU (DP University). He has designed the curriculum for this in-house electrician education program. He is also a subject matter expert with regards to safety, electrical codes and job site best practices.

During his time off from educating the staff at DPE, Scot enjoys giving back to the community and has a goal each day to make somebody laugh, make somebody feel appreciated and make somebody pause and contemplate themselves. He has been practicing these personal ideals for many years.