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Mike Sulcer | Construction Career Path

Mike Sulcer | Construction Career Path

Mike Sulcer’s journey through the construction industry is a testament to his dedication and  passion for the field. His career began in the spring of 1999, right after he graduated from high school in Michigan. Mike’s decision to dive headfirst into the construction industry was fueled by the opportunities, diverse locations, and the challenges it had to offer. “I love the experiences that I have gained, the places I have been, the people I have met and built relationships with, and the opportunities I have had helping those people”, Sulcer stated. Looking back, Mike would readily embark on the same path all over again, as the journey has been profoundly gratifying and rewarding.

Mike’s career trajectory is marked by a consistent climb up the professional ladder. Over the years, he achieved significant milestones, including securing his Journeyman (JW) license and Master Electrical license in Michigan. His dedication led to a series of well-deserved promotions, from JW Lead to Foreman, and even the founding of his own electrical company while concurrently working as a Foreman in 2005, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. From there Mike moved back to Arizona and took the role as Superintendent where he was quickly promoted to Sr. Superintendent.

In 2015, Mike started his journey with DP Electric as a Sr. Field Manager and later promoted to Field Operations Manger in 2017. Since 2020, Sulcer has been serving our team at DP Electric as the Director of Field Operations.


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