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Danielle Puente


As Dan’s daughter, Danielle grew up around the family business but never thought it would one day become her passion to help lead the organization. Prior to joining DP Electric, Danielle graduated from University of Arizona in Entrepreneurship and Accounting. She is a licensed CPA and worked in public accounting prior to joining the construction industry.

In 2015, Danielle joined DP Electric as the Controller and quickly learned the finance and human resources side of the business. The first impact that Danielle had was to hire an HR leader, Christina Fernandez, and together they improved the culture through various initiatives such as appreciation lunches and an award system called DP Dinero. These initiatives are still a part of the DP Electric culture today and the Company consistently wins Top Companies to work for in Arizona since 2016.

As the Company grew from a 30M contractor in 2015 to 60M in 2018, Danielle was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 2018 and started to get more closely involved with all aspects of the business including preconstruction and operations. Dan and Danielle formed a leadership team in 2018 and Danielle became the main driver of strategic planning and team health. Danielle was promoted to President in 2023 where she will be responsible for overseeing the company’s operations, culture, and driving its growth and success.  

Today, Danielle is widely recognized in the organization as Dan’s successor. Her vision is to continue to grow the business in a way that aligns with the founding values of the organization. Danielle is also actively involved in various construction industry associations and is currently serving as the President of DP Electric.

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“The success of DP Electric started with Dan’s vision of creating an environment where employees could grow and where doing the right thing was expected. This is the culture of DP Electric. What gets me up every morning is watching those around me grow and seeing our team’s genuine desire to improve as individuals and as an organization.”

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