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Matt Loid

Director of Preconstruction

Matt has over 14 years of experience in the construction industry, including 8 years dedicated to Preconstruction. As Director of Preconstruction, Matt oversees the initial design and estimating of the electrical systems on a project. Working closely with general contractors, engineers, and owners, he ensures that all aspects of the project fit within budget and specification. Matt has experience in many project sectors including mission critical, healthcare, industrial, aviation, corporate office, and hospitality.  

Matt takes a hands-on approach in both client and project development, prioritizing a deep understanding of project objectives. Through this commitment, Matt leads a successful team meeting project timelines and budgets. 

Matt was raised in Cleveland, Ohio and spent most of his life in Houston, Texas. Living in Arizona for the past years, Matt enjoys spending time with his friends watching sports, financial investing, and hiking. 


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"The lighting we install doesn't just illuminate buildings, it illuminates potential. Yes, we build stunning projects, but real leadership lies in transforming raw talent into skilled professionals who shape themselves and our community for generations."

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