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A bald man leaning against a wall in a preconstruction office.

Bryan Adams, Vice President of Preconstruction

Overview of preconstruction

To ensure all projects are set up for success, DP Electric’s Preconstruction team works together from concept to construction. Our team collaborates with clients to set a budget and mitigate constructibility issues making the construction process much simpler. We focus heavily on cost-saving solutions while maintaining the end user’s intent. Our Preconstruction team does everything possible to make sure a project is ran smoothly by identifying opportunities that benefit the project, procure materials upfront to avoid escalation and lead-time concerns, and find solutions for schedule conflicts. 

What we have:  

  • A fully dedicated team to Preconstruction
  • Decades of preconstruction service experience
  • 30+ years of vendor and manufacturer relationships
  • Industry leading technologies
  • Years of statistical analytics
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