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DP Electric Further Enhances Safety Standards

DP Electric Further Enhances Safety Standards

DP Electric’s Safety Team continues to grow as we further enhance safety standards!

DP Electric is proud to announce the expansion of its safety team, totaling 15 full time employees! As the company continues to grow, expanding and enhancing the safety standards was the top priority. Safety is the responsibility of all DPE employees, not just the safety team itself. Therefore, to uphold DP Electrics safety culture, implementing trainings and certifications across our field leadership team is one way DP Electric continues to raise the standard. 

Throughout 2024, our team will put 50 of our higher-level General Foreman, Superintendents, General Superintendents, and Foreman through the Board of Certified Safety Professional’s (BCSP) ExamCore testing process with hopes of doubling that goal next year with 100 field leaders holding the ST-C certification by the end of 2025. Currently, there are 18 professionals at DPE who hold the STS-C certification. The STS-C credential is integral to their main responsibilities, including hazard monitoring, ensuring regulatory compliance, training employees on company-specific safety practices, and collaborating with safety specialists and executive management.

The safety standards set in place directly reflect on the team’s performance metrics. DP Electric’s Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rate is 110% lower than the national average. As well as our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is 84% lower than the national average. DP Electric currently holds a 0.59 EMR score. 

In January 2024, the Company promoted Kevin Lopez from Safety Manager to Safety Director and Cory Hebebrand from Sr. Safety Specialist to Safety Manager, which is a testament to their leadership and the growth of the department. Kevin joined DP Electric in 2021 and has since then demonstrated his commitment to safety and excellence. Under his guidance, he has not only fostered a secure working environment for the team but also positioned DPE as an industry leader. Kevin has created strategic partnerships with key entities including Milwaukee tools, 3M, Trench Shore Rentals, Arizona AGC Safety and Health Council, and BCSP. On top of that, he has also played a pivotal role in elevating DP Electric’s safety standards through the implementation of new training classes.

Cory’s tenure with DP Electric has been marked by remarkable achievements and a steadfast commitment to safety and excellence. Recently, he achieved his Safety Management Specialist (SMS) certification from the BCSP. Additionally, Cory serves as an instructor at DP University, where he teaches the core curriculum for year 1 apprentices.

The certifications held by the 15 DPE Safety Team members currently include:

  • Ives Certified Powered Industrial Truck/MEWP Train the Trainers
  • 3M Certified Instructor-Fall Protection
  • Safety Management Specialist (SMS)’s
  • Construction Health and Safety Technicians (CHST)
  • Safety Trained Supervisors in Construction (STS-C)
  • Occupational Hygiene Safety Technician (OHST)
  • Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT)
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS)
  • NFPA70E Train the Trainers
  • Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professionals (CESCP)
  • OSHA Outreach Trainers (500)
  • NCCER Instructors
  • Certified Riggers
  • OSHA 30

Each of these certifications shows the dedication and commitment DPE invests into our team.

With DP Electrics commitment to safety standards, we believe we will continue to set the standard for safety in the electrical industry.

Kevin Lopez and Cory Herbe are two experienced electricians who work for DP Electric. They specialize in enhancing safety standards while executing electrical projects.


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