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DP Electric is on TikTok!

DP Electric is on TikTok!

Tempe, AZ, August 23, 2021- DP Electric is excited to announce that we have officially joined one of the latest and most popular social media platforms. TikTok. Staying connected and relevant with our community is very important to our culture and we believe TikTok opens a new door to connect with the future generation of electricians. TikTok was released globally in 2017 and since then has become the most widespread social media platform throughout the entire world; 2 billion downloads to be exact. This platform is known for its video-sharing that ranges from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, from genres like dance, comedy, education, and much more.

DP Electric was familiarized with TikTok in the beginning of 2019 and was highly interested involving DPE and DPU on this platform. Social media is a huge part of today’s society and is a great way for businesses and companies to connect with customers, vendors, and employees. As of January 2021, it has been recorded that there are approximately 689 million monthly active users throughout the entire world (DataReportal, 2021).

The intentions for DP Electric’s TikTok page are to bring awareness to the electrical field, showcase our culture, and promote our apprenticeship program.  The Apprenticeship Program at DP University is unique in that it is the only A.P. program in the state of Arizona. DP Electric’s commitment to exposing more young people to the trade makes TikTok the ideal platform to use. Additionally, we will be posting content on culture, how-tos, bloopers, and much more!

Stay tuned for fun, interactive content to be posted on our TikTok by following us at @dpelectricinc.

About DP Electric

DP Electric is one of the leading, full-service electrical contracting firms in Arizona with a focus in aviation, corporate office, healthcare, mission-critical, hospitality, higher education, medium voltage, and renewable energy. Over the last 30 years, DP Electric has built a reputation for dependable people and dependable performance. DP Electric’s mission is to empower our people to grow personally and professionally to create an exceptional experience for our team, our partners, and our community.


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